Retail Site and Mobile Dialer Integration

IMPORTANT! This service is no longer provided.

Kolmisoft now introduces a new add-on service to kick-start your VoIP business. We are now offering website and mobile app integration with your MOR server. We help you integrate every possible feature of your VoIP business model that operates with MOR. Its easy to customize and easy to operate on a highly secured platform. Additionally, we also help you with ready to deploy mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Implemented solution for Finnish company by Kolmisoft

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Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Average Call Duration (ACD)


The answer-seizure ratio (ASR) and average call duration (ACD) are the most commonly used metrics to indicate VoIP route quality. They are mentioned in almost every email, chat, etc. between VoIP providers.

You need to understand and fully utilize them in your business when selecting the best routes from your providers, forecasting call volumes, determining traffic demand, measuring the performance of your infrastructure and fixing things when call quality deteriorates.

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Development Overview (Sprint #125)

  • [MOR] DID Owner Price moved up to Calls Total prices section in Profit Stats page. Now it is included into Calls Profit calculation same as it is done in Quick Stats page. More userfriendly calculations
  • [MOR/M2] Email password in Email settings is hidden for higher security
  • [MOR/M2] During Rates import it is more simple to select current date as Effective from date. “Delete Rates for Prefixes which are not present in imported file” from now is checked by default. It saves time which have to be spent on second import step
  • [MOR/M2] Automatic Old Calls deletion from Archived Calls or straight from Last Calls pages. Allows to clean up old data and improve GUI speed