Development Overview (Sprint #116)

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  • [MOR/M2] Blacklist/Whitelist functionality for Source Numbers implemented, which allows to block unwanted Callers by their CallerID
  • [MOR] Active Calls tuned to show proper data for Responsible Accountants
  • [MOR] Extended API method device_update with parameters: trunk, callerid_number, callerid_name, fax_email_add, fax_email_delete, call_limit
  • [MOR] API method did_details_update now has new did_user_id parameter which allows to assign DID to any simple User or Reseller
  • [M2] Call Tracing now can be made for selected Device and custom Source/Destination numbers
  • [M2] Added Failover option for Routing Groups (if no proper route is found in basic Routing Group, failover Routing Group is tried)
  • [MOR] H323 support for Fail2Ban implemented to block attackers over H323 protocol

2023 May Update

Mindaugas Kezys
1 min read

2023 April Update

Mindaugas Kezys
45 sec read

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