2021 January Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2021 January.

[MOR] IP Whitelist

It allows you to enter IP addresses which will not be blocked in any case:

[M2] ElasticSearch resync rework

We reworked it in a way that made it several times faster:

[M2] Expanded Tariff Generator

Now it is possible to generate rates for existing Tariff:

[M2/MOR] Tariff Jobs/Analysis usability improvements

Many small changes to allow a more streamlined work process:

[M2/MOR] Tariff Import Rules improvements

Interface fixes and usability tunes:

[M2/MOR] Tariff Import Inbox rework

Changes to the GUI and no more filter by date to minimize the confusion when emails could not be found due to wrong selected time-period:

[M2/MOR] Delete All Imported Tariff Jobs

Quickly eliminate unecessary items:

[M2/MOR] Delete All Completed Background Tasks

Efficient housekeeping:

[M2] Destinations Import tune

Now it could show why some destinations can’t be imported:

[M2] Show Tech. Prefix in the Connection Point Search

Very helpful in the cases when there are many Connection Points with same IP but different Tech. Prefixes:

[M2] Email Edit form reworked

For easier management and usability:

[M2] Permission management improvements

Usability improvements to help selected necessary permissions correctly:

[M2/MOR] Archive CSV default size increased to 1MB (from 0)

This helps in the cases when file is too large and download takes a lot of time:

[M2/MOR] Protected Rate CSV export

Now not possible to click several times and choke the database:

[M2/MOR] Web Address for Users

New field to save web address of your Client:

[M2] System Time

Shows actual system time. Helps in various cases not to loose yourself in the Time-Zone mess:

[MOR] INVOICE change to something else

Some authorities (Australia) insist to see Tax Invoice instead of Invoice for example, so now it can be changed to anything:

[MOR] Alphanumeric extensions support

Now MOR accepts “numbers” starting not only from digits but also from A-Z letters. This is usually necessary for Mobile Number Portability.

[MOR] Stop calls on empty Flat-Rate plan

Now system stops Prepaid calls if Flat-Rate plan is exhausted.

[MOR] Improved DID import

Now after the import DIDs can be used at once without any additional steps:

Apart from this, we closed the other 48 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

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