Development Overview (Sprint #116)

  • [MOR/M2] Blacklist/Whitelist functionality for Source Numbers implemented, which allows to block unwanted Callers by their CallerID
  • [MOR] Active Calls tuned to show proper data for Responsible Accountants
  • [MOR] Extended API method device_update with parameters: trunk, callerid_number, callerid_name, fax_email_add, fax_email_delete, call_limit
  • [MOR] API method did_details_update now has new did_user_id parameter which allows to assign DID to any simple User or Reseller
  • [M2] Call Tracing now can be made for selected Device and custom Source/Destination numbers
  • [M2] Added Failover option for Routing Groups (if no proper route is found in basic Routing Group, failover Routing Group is tried)
  • [MOR] H323 support for Fail2Ban implemented to block attackers over H323 protocol

The Technology You Need to Start a Calling Card Business

Starting a calling card business is not difficult, and it offers a great opportunity for VoIP newcomers. The world of communications has rapidly changed over the past years, and the use of calling cards has increased in popularity with users who want to use telecommunication options that don’t require an internet connection. A VoIP infrastructure is made up of both hardware and software. Here’s a brief guide focusing on the technical elements you’ll need to start such a business.

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Development Overview (Sprint #115)

  • [MOR/M2] Blocked Rates support which can be imported using Tariff Import
  • [MOR] Simple Invoice PDF/CSV is returned to MOR X6
  • [MOR] Bulk Deletion and Downloading are added into Recordings page. Now recordings can be selected one by one and deleted or downloaded with one button press
  • [MOR] API method user_calls_get now has new s_reseller parameter which allows to filter calls by reseller
  • [MOR] API method user_balance_get has new user_currency parameter which tells MOR to return Users’ Currency code also. Balance will be in Users’ Currency
  • [MOR] API method dids_get returns DID id. It simplifies usage of API methods which use DID id

How to Start PINless and Calling Card Business

The calling card business is one of the most common business models in the VoIP industry. The center of the business model involves creatively segmenting customers according to various demographic or behavioral characteristics and developing calling card offerings to satisfy their specific calling needs. Though this is a suitable business venture for anyone, the calling card business typically attracts entrepreneurs who want to enter the VoIP market, businesses with established retail distribution channels, and service providers who want to diversify their revenue streams.

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The Best-Kept Secret in the Calling Card Business

Let’s talk about the best-kept secret in the calling card business. Many people have wondered how to build a successful calling card business in tough economic times. Every company—and I do mean every company—uses a specific key tactic to maximize their profits and grow their business. Competing in a tough industry against large phone companies, cellphones, and popular technology requires the use of certain strategic fees, which are listed below.

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