SIP Attack: Friendly-Scanner

As a new VOIP startup, you may find your SIP server under attack one day.  These attacks can lead to tons of downtime and lost money. But panicking will not help! Instead, it’s important to understand the security aspects of VOIP so you can properly defend your servers from ruthless hackers and script kiddies.

This blog post discusses one of the most popular SIP attacks and how to arm yourself against it.


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Development Overview (Sprint #111)

Short development overview for the last 2-week Sprint #111.

Apart from various small fixes some major highlights which could be interesting for our Clients:

  • [MOR] User Permissions
  • [MOR] Auto Invoice Generation/Sending
  • [MOR] Quick Way to get all User’s Invoices
  • [MOR] New API method did_details_update
  • [M2] Technical Prefix Rules (similar to Localization as in MOR)
  • [M2] Interpret No Answer/Busy as Failed for Termination Points
  • [M2] Grace Time for Connection Points

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How do you select a softswitch based on concurrent calls?

The short answer is—you don’t. It sounds kind of obvious: the more concurrent calls (or simultaneous calls), the better. But that‘s not the best metric for making such an important decision. So what is the concurrent calls metric good for? Well, it shows part of the performance of the Softswitch. But you don‘t buy a car based only on its maximum speed, right?

Very fast car

You don‘t buy a car based only on its maximum speed, right?

In this article, we’ll analyze the concurrent calls metric and show its importance in selecting a Softswitch.

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