Route Quality Types

When buying a traffic route, the price is only one of the important factors. Another one is quality. A good price but bad quality means a bad route and it is almost impossible to do continuous business with bad routes.

Sometimes it is feasible to use not-so-great quality routes, but it is safer to stick with good quality routes to keep your clients and make sure your business prospers.
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Development Overview (Sprint #124)

  • [MOR] Registration Status for Providers shows whether Provider is registered or not
  • [MOR] New Alert object type – System. Allows to monitor whole system instead of separate entities. Useful for system health monitoring
  • [MOR] Call can be rejected if DID Owner Rate is not found. This function allows to avoid money loss if DID Provider does not support some prefixes
  • [MOR/M2] PCAP file/data for better Call debugging. It shows SIP trace
  • [M2]  End User can see minimal balance which he will be able to have as credit value in his Personal Details

Development Overview (Sprint #122-123)

  • [MOR] Dynamic Flat-Rates Service type gives you flexibility by starting Flat-Rates subscription from any day of the month
  • [MOR] Queues for Resellers PRO allows him to use one more PBX Function
  • [MOR] PBX Function to Activate/De-activate CallerID by Call. One Call to set CallerID as “anonymous” and one more Call to change it back
  • [MOR] API method device_update now has new callerid_number and callerid_name parameters which allows to set Device CallerID via API
  • [MOR] API method device_clis_get allows to get all CLIs list of one User or Device
  • [MOR] API method callback_init now has new reseller_lega_tariff_id parameter which allows you to set different Tariff to reseller for LegA
  • [MOR] SMPP Provider type for SMS sending. It allows to use one more provider type for SMS sending
  • [MOR] Forward PBX functions which allow to change Call Flow via Call
  • [MOR/M2] Blocked IPs list shows blocked IPs from all servers. Blocking reasons give a hint what needs to be fixed
  • [MOR/M2] Preselected date format in second Tariff import step gives more user friendly Tariff import functionality
  • [M2] Tariff Generator allows to generate new Tariff just with those Prefixes which are assigned to Destination Groups