Route Quality Types

When buying a traffic route, the price is only one of the important factors. Another one is quality. A good price but bad quality...
Mindaugas Kezys
2 min read

Development Overview (Sprint #124)

Registration Status for Providers shows whether Provider is registered or not New Alert object type – System. Allows to monitor whole system instead of...
Mindaugas Kezys
21 sec read

Which Codec Should You Use?

The short answer: G729 The long one…
Mindaugas Kezys
1 min read

Development Overview (Sprint #122-123)

Dynamic Flat-Rates Service type gives you flexibility by starting Flat-Rates subscription from any day of the month Queues for Resellers PRO allows...
Mindaugas Kezys
45 sec read

MOR X7 Release

We are happy to announce Class 5 Softswitch MOR X7 release. Changes can be found here.
Mindaugas Kezys
3 sec read