Tariff Conversion Functionality

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Together with MOR X14 and in M2 we are reintroducing Tariff Conversion functionality. It allows converting Tariff file to the MOR/M2 acceptable CSV format ready to import.

The greatest benefit this functionality provides is time-saving converting your raw Tariff files (Rate sheets) to the format which can be imported directly into MOR/M2 switch.

For the initial implementation we developed conversion for 3 Tariffs to start:

  • IDT (CSV)
  • Voicetrading (XLS)
  • Voxbeam (CSV)

In the future we can add any template our Clients would request thanks to the versatile conversion engine.

Expect this list to grow rapidly in the future.

The procedure is very simple:

  1. You select a file template
  2. Select your file to convert
  3. Enter email to which you would like to receive converted CSV file
  4. And upload your file.

After a few minutes, you will receive converted CSV file to your email and you will be able to import it directly into your MOR/M2 Switch.

In the future, we have plans to upload converted Tariff file directly into your switch thus saving you, even more, time and trouble.

As an example, we can convert Voicetrading file which is XLS file and looks like this:

After submitting it through the MOR/M2 interface we will receive an email with a converted CSV file in the attachment:

The converted file is in the native MOR/M2 format which is ready to be imported at once:


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